GEN!US: Courses and Workshops

We provide 2 main types of GEN!US Courses and Workshops: GEN!US BUSINESS and GEN!US OPEN.

The GEN!US BUSINESS portfolio – which is designed to help people have more ‘genius moments’ in the workplace – covers a broad range of leadership development and management development offerings for stimulating, and supporting, innovative thinking and improved performance. From entire training programmes to two day, one-day (and even 2 hour GEN!US sessions), we enable clients to look at multiple topics – from Creative Leadership to Influential Leadership, Assertiveness to Time Management, and Advanced Presentation Skills to Improving Team Dynamics – through a different lens. For further information please connect at

The GEN!US OPEN portfolio also offers a range of personal development, and professional development, opportunities for individuals (or groups of individuals) who aspire to create more ‘genius moments’ in their own lives. These are held throughout the year, in a variety of locations, and include the one-day GEN!US Springboard Seminar (an introduction to the key tools and techniques of GEN!US), the two-day GEN!US Masterclass (effective strategies for helping Genius happen), and the life-enhancing five-day GEN!US Retreat (which provides participants with the time and space to re-discover their inner GEN!US). If joining us at a GEN!US OPEN event is possibly of interest to you, please connect at