GEN!US: Moments Blog

“Life is a series of moments”

Hello, and welcome to my GEN!US MOMENTS Blog.

The focus of my Blog is incredibly simple.

It’s all about sharing some of the genius moments others have had in their lives, so they can hopefully inspire you to have more genius moments of your own!

Let’s face it, as I highlight in my book – Genius! Deceptively simple ways to become instantly smarter (Pearson) – we all have genius moments from time to time. You know, those light-bulb moments when we suddenly go ‘aha’, or ‘eureka’, or something along the lines of ‘why on earth didn’t I think of that before ?’ Moments that give us the
‘breakthrough’ or ‘step-change’ we desperately need to:

  • fix that annoying problem that’s been preying on our mind
  • discover a better way of doing what we do
  • leap beyond the norm and come up with something truly amazing.

So if you’ve had any genius moments (big or small) that you feel are worth a mention, please make contact and let us know. In the meantime, my plan is to keep adding GEN!US MOMENT nuggets as often as possible.

They may come from a conversation  I’ve had with a ‘creative’ celeb or business entrepreneur; they may come from something I’ve read; they may come from a seminar I’ve been giving around the world; they may even come from a random observation along the lines of ‘ooh, I never noticed that before.’

To begin with, however, here’s one or two ‘nuggets’ which might be of interest…